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outofcontext's Journal

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Out of Context
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welcome to the outofcontext.
Overhear or say something that came out completely wrong or made you go, "uhh...!!?"
Well, post it here!

we're looking for things that are funny OUT of context. if it's funnier in context than out of context then it doesn't belong here.

the rules:
one quote per post!
only out of context posts!
use <lj-cut> to explain your post!

non-OOC or multiple quote posts will get nuked. if you see a post you don't feel belongs, send an e-mail to aquaone@livejournal.com. sorry guys but gotta maintain community integrity (can i even use that word in here?).

Double-entendre: "Anything that isn't really sexual or funny in a conversation, but taken out of context, it is."

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